Million Man March

Million Man March with the Black Rhinos Mentoring Program

Lead with Precision! On the way to DC we taught the young Men about economy and owning a business! 10.10.15 The 20 year Anniversary of the Million Man March! A gathering of Millions for Justice and Unity! #giveback #roadtrip #washingtondc#omegapsiphi #BlackMen #BlackRhinos #dmmques#justiceorelse #leader #mentor #millionmanmarch#beardgang #blackempowerment #screenprinting#screenprint #brand #blackowned#supportblackbusiness #supportblackownedbusinesses #graphics #design #precisionprintingpros — inWashington, District of Columbia.

Youth Entrepreneurs Georgia

Youth Entrepreneurs Georgia

At the Youth Entrepreneurs Georgia BizXchange event! The Precision Printing Professionals are committed to Growth, Development, and Giving Back! Founded in 2006, Youth Entrepreneurs® Georgia (YEGeorgia) teaches students how to become entrepreneurs or to think like one. It all started as a DREAM. The concept was simple – help students learn the value ofENTREPRENEURSHIP and equip them with the skills to ADD VALUEto their COMMUNITIES and society as a whole. In our full-year course, students learn the fundamentals of how to start a business. As their capstone project students write and present a workable business plan. Throughout the year students receive ongoing support by our certified entrepreneurship teachers and one-on-one[…]

GRAND OPENING Of Precision Printing Professionals

Grand Opening!

We were founded January 2nd 2015. Precision Printing Professionals™ is a full service screen printing company that is all about bringing your design ideas to life. We print with a purpose! A portion of our sells will be donated to small non-profit organizations that make a Big Impact in the community. Call us today! 510-842-PROS We would Love to print for you!